Indonesia: Baby Diaper Market is Booming


       Indonesia is a country with a strong sense of happiness, which is not only reflected in the naturally optimistic character of Indonesians, but also in the customs of Indonesians. In Indonesia, a man can marry an additional wife as long as he has the consent of his existing wife. This polygamy has not only made Indonesia's fertility rate very high, but has also made Indonesia's market for mother and baby products very broad.

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With a large number of infants in Indonesia's population, including 24 million aged 0 - 4 years, an average of 2-4 children in a family, and the growing awareness of parents about health and hygiene, there is a huge market potential for imported baby products. Retail sales of baby and maternity products have grown at an average annual rate of about 10% from 2018 to 2022. In Indonesia, the best-selling mother and baby product lines must include diapers, and they are all imported from China. The baby and maternity market in Indonesia is expected to boom in the coming years as purchasing power grows.

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Being better educated, the middle class parents of the millennial generation are becoming more aware of the health and hygiene of their babies, which has led to a change in consumption patterns and higher spending on baby products. For example, parents now change their babies' diapers or wipes as many as six times a day, compared to one or two times a day before. In addition to product safety and price, there are two main factors that Indonesian parents consider when choosing baby and maternity products; firstly, consumers tend to consider the material of the product, especially the comfort factor, the effect after use, or any allergies; secondly, consumers will be attracted by innovative product features, such as whether a diaper has a wetness indicate on it, or the bubble waistband that has become very popular recently, or the addition of vitamin buttock protection effect, which is an opportunity for Indonesian importers to offer innovative products to the Indonesian market.


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