Japanese Diaper Manufacturers Shift to New Market - Adult Diapers


With the increase in the proportion of the population over 65 years old in Japan, the demand for adult diapers has significantly risen. This has not only spurred the rapid development of the adult diaper market but has also encouraged companies to continuously research and develop new products to meet the special needs of the elderly. Therefore, it is expected that adult diapers will continue to be an important driving force for market growth in the coming years.Baby Wet Wipes

The aging population in Japan is accelerating, while the birth rate continues to decline, reaching historic lows. In 2023, the total number of newborns in Japan was 758,631, a decrease of 5.1% from the previous year, marking the lowest level recorded since the 19th century. According to statistics from Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, as of September 15, 2023, the estimated population of people aged 65 and over was 36.23 million, accounting for more than 29.1% of the total population, the highest in history, while the population of those over 80 years old exceeded 10% for the first time. These demographic changes have directly driven the rapid growth of the adult diaper market.

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Jiayue views the trend of Japanese diaper manufacturers turning to the adult diaper market as a significant socio-economic phenomenon, which is driven by the background of an aging population as well as specific factors related to market demand and corporate strategic adjustments. As Japanese society enters the stage of a "super-aged" society, with the proportion of the elderly population aged 65 and above continuously rising, the demand for adult diapers naturally grows, providing new growth opportunities for diaper manufacturers.

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