Jiayue Adariel Baby Pants Diaper Are Now In Mass Production!


With rising living standards and increased health awareness among global consumers, the demand for disposable hygiene products has shown significant growth. Jiayue's own brand, Adariel, includes baby diapers, baby pants diapers, adult diapers, and adult pull-up pants, all aimed at providing consumers with a high-quality, comfortable lifestyle. In May, Adariel's baby pants diapers were successfully shipped out!

Baby Pants Diaper

As consumer needs evolve, two-piece pants diapers have gradually replaced the traditional three-piece design from 2022 to 2023. The two-piece pants diapers feature an integrated waistband that is closely connected to the absorbent core, offering better fit and comfort while effectively preventing side and back leakage. The inner surface and absorbent layers of baby pants diapers can be customized based on client needs, but mid- to high-end products typically feature hot-air non-woven fabric surfaces and imported Japanese SAP absorbent cores. Adariel baby pants diaper use a bubble waistband made of high-quality non-woven fabric, which enhances comfort and improves the product's overall aesthetic.

Baby Diapers

Jiayue strictly controls the quality and stability of every batch, maintaining consistent quality and reliable shipments. The production process includes rigorous quality inspections to ensure each product meets the highest standards. A final inspection is performed on every batch to verify that all products maintain a consistently high standard throughout mass production. Quality control personnel randomly select 1-2 packs from each pallet to inspect the outer and inner bag seals for firmness, the clarity of spray codes, adherence to appearance standards, and material quality.

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With over ten years of experience in hygiene products and exports to over 70 countries, Jiayue boasts a stable supply chain, strong OEM brand development, comprehensive services, and a professional team, giving it a significant competitive edge. Choosing Jiayue grants you advantages that far exceed industry norms. Jiayue currently ships over 100 * 40HQ containers per month and remains a trusted and preferred partner for its loyal clients, making Jiayue their most reliable partner in China.

Baby Pants Diaper

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