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  • Jiayue New Technology Sanitary Napkin: High Efficiency Absorption, Enhanced Comfort!

Jiayue New Technology Sanitary Napkin: High Efficiency Absorption, Enhanced Comfort!


With the global rise in awareness of women's health care and consumer spending power, the demand for high-end, functional, and personalized sanitary pads is driving an upgrade in the consumption of female hygiene products. The market for mid-to-high-end sanitary napkins is showing a rapid development trend. Jiayue seizes the opportunity of consumption upgrading, innovates its products continuously, and focuses on enhancing the safety, comfort, and fit of the products to meet women's demands for diverse functions and high quality of sanitary napkins, further penetrating the high-end market.

Yibero Sanitary Napkins

Yibero sanitary napkins feature a non-woven top layer made with hot air technology, making the pads softer and more comfortable to wear, greatly improving comfort, and are well-liked by consumers. Yibero sanitary pads have a designed Acquisition Distribution Layer that quickly directs liquid from the top layer to the core, laying a solid foundation for core absorption. The sanitary napkins employ upgraded core technology that allows for quicker liquid absorption and faster drying, significantly enhancing the dryness during use. The core's key technology lies in its innovative structure and materials, using highly absorbent paper and soft cotton mixed with SAP (super absorbent polymer). It can absorb 45ml of liquid in just 9 seconds, with a maximum absorption capacity of over 200ml, remaining completely dry after absorption, effectively reducing discomfort caused by moisture.

Sanitary Napkins

Many traditional sanitary pads on the market often struggle to balance absorption efficiency and comfort, but Jiayue's Yibero sanitary pads are designed to solve this problem. By using the most advanced technology and environmentally friendly materials, they are thinner than typical sanitary pads, not only improving the basic functionality of the pads but also being meticulously designed in detail to meet modern women's high standards for quality and safety, as well as addressing modern women's concerns for environmental sustainability and sustainability.

Baby Nappy

As the economy continues to develop, female consumers' performance requirements for hygiene products will gradually increase, and maintaining technological innovation and optimization is a key condition for Jiayue's robust growth. Jiayue has over ten years of market experience in the hygiene product industry, offering a range of products including baby diapers, adult diapers, adult under pads, wet wipes, and pet hygiene products, all of which can be customized. For more information, please contact us for detailed explanations. Jiayue is eager to be the eyes on your product market and help you expand into the international market, confident in attracting and winning over international customers.

In April, Jiayue will also launch a promotion where ordering one container gets you 360 packs of wet wipes, two containers get 840 packs, and free samples. The promotion will run from April 1st to April 30th. Contact us soon, or leave your contact information, and we will reach out within 24 hours.

Yibero Sanitary Napkins

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