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Jiayue is a reliable supplier in the hygiene products industry, treating others with sincerity, impressing customers with professionalism, and penetrating the market with quality. Every batch of products from Jiayue undergoes stringent quality inspections before leaving the factory, including random sampling and final inspections, to ensure consistent performance in the market. Therefore, we rigorously implement quality inspection standards and testing procedures to ensure quality control from the source.

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The first step in the product shipment quality inspection standards is to inspect the product's appearance, which includes checking whether the packaging is clean and free from dirt, foreign objects, odors, and dripped glue; the feel is soft; the patterns are neat and visually appealing; the outer arc-shaped edges are complete and basically symmetrical, without any localized serrated appearances, and the layers of the diaper are well bonded.

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2.Conduct a thorough and detailed inspection of the diaper's top sheet; ① the correct side is used, the surface is clean and free of foreign objects, oil stains, obvious fluffing, dripped glue, wrinkles, holes, etc., and is firmly bonded with the distribution layer and bottom film. ② The three-dimensional effect is clear. 3. The absorbent Core is centered and should not have any missing parts, wrinkles, or rolled corners. 4. The fluff pulp cotton core is centered, without wrinkles or rolled corners. 5. The diaper's wrap layer covers the fluff pulp cotton core, with half-coverage on both sides, not skewed, without wrinkles, and the glue is sprayed evenly and moderately, firmly bonded without holes or dirt.

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6.The diaper's back sheet has complete and clear printed patterns, oriented correctly; the user-facing side is correct, feels soft, should not have noticeable wrinkles, dirt, holes, the glue is sprayed evenly and moderately, and there is no obvious fluffing. 7. Diaper's three-dimensional best barriers - the anti-leak barriers' position meets the specifications, is uniformly and firmly bonded, basically symmetrical on both sides, and should not retract, overlap, or leak; 8. Frontal tape: must be bonded flat and firmly, should not miss any spots or have serious missing corners, wrinkles, or misalignment, stretching; 9. The left and right tape style of the adult diaper are basically symmetrical in width and position, firmly stuck, should not open or skew, miss spots, lack corners, or fold over. 10. The diaper's wetness indicator gel must be centered, with evenly scraped glue, without any missed spray glue.

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Jiayue has always been committed to maintaining stable quality and shipments. Each container carries the hopes of our customers and the expectations of many end consumers. Jiayue strictly controls each batch of product quality inspection standards and product stability, supporting our customers' brand growth and sanitary safety, caring for the growth of babies, and intimately protecting those with incontinence. For more product details, please contact us!

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