Jiayue Corporate Promotional Video Shooting!


In the rapidly evolving health industry, sanitary product factories play a crucial role. To let more customers understand Jiayue and experience the passion, joy, and uplifting atmosphere of our team, Jiayue has specially invited a professional photography team to conduct promotional filming for our company!

disposable baby pants

The boss will appear on camera to take everyone on an in-depth tour of Jiayue. Not only is our office environment spacious and bright, equipped with comprehensive facilities and advanced technology to significantly enhance our team's office efficiency and service quality, but we also provide superior products and services to our customers. Jiayue's modern meeting rooms and communication facilities make our collaboration with clients more convenient and closely connected. The optimized design of our sample area's exhibition flow ensures that every visitor can thoroughly understand the design style and advantages of our products, effectively enhancing their understanding and trust in our products. The office area in Jiayue is designed to be flexible and comfortable, creating an environment that is both conducive to focused work and maintains a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

pull up diapers
diaper pants

Jiarun-Jiayue's diaper factory boasts a large facility of 20,000 square meters, with strong production capabilities and a complete product line, offering customers a one-stop stock solution. Currently, Jiayue covers three main product series, with the boss explaining from a first-person perspective; the first series includes baby pull-up pants, baby diapers, and wet wipes; the second series comprises adult diapers, adult pull-up pants, and adult wet wipes; the third series includes pet diapers, nursing pads, and wet wipes among other sanitary products.

disposable baby pants

Jiayue is a professional manufacturer with strong OEM brand development capabilities. Our OEM services include:

1.Demand Consultation: Upon receiving customer inquiries, Jiayue promptly replies and discusses specific needs, including product specifications, quantities, expected quality standards, and budget.

2.Free Sample: After initial demand consultation, Jiayue sends out free samples for customers to assess our quality and functionality, ensuring that the produced items meet their specific requirements.

3.Contract Signing: Once the sample is confirmed by the customer and both parties agree on project details, the contract signing phase will commence.

4.Production and Shipment: After the contract is signed, the production team will generate production orders and track the execution of these orders, regularly reporting to customers on production progress to ensure timely delivery and resolve any arising issues.

5.After-Sales Service

pull up diapers

This filming will allow customers to gain a deeper understanding of Jiayue, whose continuous pursuit of product quality and ongoing investment in innovation are key to winning trust in the global market. Jiayue's Vision: To become a reliable supplier in the sanitary products industry, treating others with sincerity, impressing customers with professionalism, and opening markets with quality! Currently, Jiayue has successfully cultivated 3 brands to become No. 1 in their markets/channels. For more product details, please contact us. We look forward to collaborating with you!

diaper pants

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