Jiayue Pet Under Pads Shipped Out!


With the booming pet industry, the market for pet hygiene products has experienced unprecedented growth. Pets have become essential members of many families, making the cleanliness and health of pets a focal point for pet owners, directly driving the expansion of the pet hygiene products market. In the hygiene product industry, Jiayue has always been at the forefront, committed to providing high-quality sanitary care products to global consumers. In June, Jiayue's pet under pads have been shipped again! This is another demonstration of Jiayue's product quality and service

Pet Under Pad

Pet under pads are disposable hygiene products specially designed for dogs or cats, featuring superior safe water absorption capabilities, keeping the surface dry over extended periods. The back sheet of Jiayue pet under pads is made of printed PE film, and the top sheet is made of non-woven fabric, which is softer and more skin-friendly. The absorption layer is a key structural component determining the quality of the pad, primarily functioning to quickly absorb, disperse, and store urine. The absorbent layer of the pet under pads is composed of Fluff Pulp, SAP, and wrapped with sanitary paper. A 90*60CM under pad can absorb up to 800 ml of urine, showcasing its strong storage capacity. The top sheet, absorbent layer, and back sheet of the pet under pads can be customized according to customer needs. For more product details, please contact us at any time!

Pet Wet Wipes

Jiayue pet under pads include a pet attractant that helps pets develop good "fixed-point" defecation habits, maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the home. The back sheet of Jiayue pet under pads is designed with four release stickers to prevent the pad from sliding during use, ensuring stability. In Japan and Western countries, pet under pads are almost an essential "daily necessity" for every pet owner.

Pet Diapers

Jiayue has over ten years of experience in container loading, maximizing container space utilization to reduce transportation and customs clearance costs. Our compact design and clever loading strategy can improve loading capacity by at least 10%, ensuring maximum cost efficiency in the logistics process.

Pet Under Pad

Jiayue is a professional manufacturer with strong OEM brand development capabilities, offering a wide range of products including wet wipes, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers, under pads, and pet hygiene products, as well as comprehensive OEM and ODM customization services. Currently, Jiayue ships over 100*40HQ containers monthly. Jiayue always treats others sincerely, impresses customers with professionalism, and opens markets with quality!

Pet Wet Wipes

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